About us

Milford Township Fish, Game and Forestry Association was established on April 18, 1961 as a nonprofit membership organization that grants its members in good standing specific rights to participate in its internal affairs. These rights are established and defined in detail in the Associations Bylaws.


The original founders of Milford Township Fish, Game and Forestry Association as shown on the April 18, 1961 corporation documents approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State, were: Jacob S. Wimmer; Vincent J. Riccio; Floyd W. Sharer; George F. Koons, Jr.; Richard C. Henry; Michael Tirjan; Donald Sterner; William Hunsworth; Larry D. Wimmer and George R. Allison. The following names are the persons who were to act as directors until the election of their successors: Jacob S. Wimmer; Vincent J. Riccio; Michael Tirjan; Donald Sterner; William Hunsworth; Larry D. Wimmer and George R. Allison.


At that time the main purpose was to help fight a proposed hunting ban in Milford and Marlborough Townships. The first meetings were held in the aisles of Shearer’s Sport Shop with Dick Henry as the president. During this time, membership surprisingly increased and in turn, Truman Shearer offered to open up his garage to hold meeting. One of the first events sponsored by the club was a fishing contest at Rush’s Dam in 1963. In order to hold this event, the club would not only need permission, but due to the size of the dam, a larger dam with a release valve for cleaning the silt would also be required. All the costs for permits, construction and trout stocking, were covered by holding various raffles as well as selling hot dogs, hamburgers and soft drinks.


The club meetings soon outgrew Truman Shearer’s garage area, because attendance was now between 50-100 members, so in 1965, the club moved to the Milford Township Fire Company Social Hall to hold meetings. As club membership continued to increase, the members continued to stay involved in assisting the community with numerous projects. One of these memorable projects was furnishing help to fill Gabion Rock Baskets which was upstream from Campbell’s Bridge in Milford Square to control erosion. This took place in 1967


Wanting to expand further and someday owning land to build our own meeting place, it so happened that a gentleman in our area was considering selling his “Garden Plot” on Canary Road that contained 14.22 acres. Due to the undeveloped nature of the area, if this parcel of land was purchased, the possibility of purchasing additional acreage in the future became a reality. It was in 1967, where Dan Meas and Bill Phifer approached the board of directors of a local bank they dealt with and worked out a deal. Both, men posted funds with the bank as collateral to obtain the original 14.22 acres, which is where the original clubhouse still stands.  In 1970 another parcel of land was purchased which increased the acreage to 55.43 acres.

In 1972, Phil Fachet and a group of volunteers began to construct the combination rifle/pistol range which is now our “Long Range.” We now had a range that conformed to the current NRA rules of that day for various purposes and uses. In the same year, Phil Fachet and Lee Hinkle became NRA sanctioned instructors and formed a separate Youth Rifle and Pistol Group with the goal of teaching area youth the proper handling and safety of firearms


In 1975, though still meeting at the Milford Township Fire Company Social Hall, we discovered that Insaco, Incorporated, (located on the corner of Canary and Trumbauersville Roads) made an exchange with Camp Men-O-Lan. In the exchange, Insaco’s parcel contained a pavilion that was used by the Camp. A Club Board Member, Bob Wisler, worked at Insaco, and offered to remove the Pavilion in order that the parcel be returned to its natural state.  With this, an agreement was made to remove the pavilion. Over a period of about two-month, Bob Wisler, Dick Helm and their wives dismantled the Pavilion piece by piece and transported it to the club property.

In order to reconstruct the soon-to-be clubhouse, the club would need to acquire various building materials to turn the former pavilion into a usable clubhouse. To complete the project, permits were acquired from Milford Township to construct the clubhouse as well as utility poles to be located to supply power. Under the leadership of Jake Wimmer, the clubhouse became a reality.


Our next endeavor was in the 1976. At that time Flintlock Rifles, both antique and modern, were becoming popular with the advent of a Pennsylvania Special Flintlock season. Phil Fachet and Dick Helm enlisted the help of Warren (Bud) Wisler to help organize Flintlock Shoots similar to the competition shoots that were held in that same year at Daniel Boone Homestead with Kentucky and Pennsylvania shooters.


As time passed improvements to expand the club’s amenities continued. The original rifle/pistol range was upgraded in 1978 for rifle and long gun use only and about the same time the Short (pistol) Range was added. In 1987 a paper archery range was added and in 1993 it was converted into a challenging 3D archery target course sporting 30 individual targets. In the same time frame, the paper target, bale archery course was relocated. In 1991 construction on the fishpond began which now has been expanded and the entire area improved with benches and picnic tables having a park like atmosphere. Then, in 1992 the existing garage was constructed.


Through the years, various fundraiser helped us maintain the clubhouse, improve the property, and allow us to purchase and pay off additional acreage. In 1993 an additional 41.2 acres were acquired as well as 4 more acres on the North side of the present Gas Pipeline easement that crosses Canary Road, giving the Club a total of 100.63 acres. Through the years, with various land acquisitions and road widening projects and according to an accurate land survey in 2008 (see attached) the club currently owns 91.17 acres. In 2009 the new 2600 Sq. Ft. clubhouse was constructed. The clubhouse is a fully functional meeting place which has a fully equipped kitchen and an all-purpose room that can be used for large special gatherings. (The clubhouse is available to be rented upon a formal request).

As an outdoor sportsmen club, we have always provided areas for hunting, but also nature trails throughout the property for a relaxing walk enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. The latest improvement is a 25-yard air rifle, pellet gun range added in 2023, and oh yes, the original clubhouse of 1975 still stands as not only a storge building but moreover as a memorial to the dedicated members who have helped in making MTFGFA the success that it is today.


Over the year’s MTFGFA has joined forces with other outdoor sportsmen and conservation organizations to provide events throughout each year for members and non-members. Events and activities such as, Youth Day and Family Day, where we see the importance of investing into both for a better tomorrow. Turkey (Meat) Shoots, where sportsmen pit their abilities in a competition to win various kinds of meat products as prizes. Various training and safety classes where we help people of all ages to learn various skills of the many facets of outdoor sportsmanship activities. We also offer a yearly Pennsylvania Hunter Safety Course (must be at least 11-year-old to participate). Various fishing, archery and shooting competitions. One other highly important area the we enjoy is being involved throughout each year supporting the community in various ways. These are all an important part of family life at MTFGFA.


Finally, included on our property is a historic “Rock Shelter” that was archeologically excavated back in the early 1900’s by Bill Strohmeier and the findings of his work are in the archives of the local Milford Township Historical Society Headquarters.