Our Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse was built in 2009.  99 people can occupy our 2600 sq. ft. building, featuring a large meeting area, Full Kitchen, Office and Men's and Women's Restrooms.

The Old Clubhouse

Beginning in 1975 the old pavilion was moved onto the property, enclosed and improved to host the club events.  It is still utilized for events and storage.

The Short Range

This range is setup for shooting from 50 yards down to 5 yards depending on availability.  Primary usage is for handguns.

The Long Range

This range is setup for a 50 yard or 100 yard rifle shooting.  There is a covered Shooting shack for safety and comfort.

The 3D Archery Range

The club owns a maintains 30 Rhinehart 3d Targets that get set up for 3D Shoots and stored away when not in use.  These shoots help to support the club.

The Air Gun/BB Gun Range

Our newest edition offers a place for members and their children to site in and practice with there favorite non-explosive shooters. 

The Pond

The long history of the pond recently underwent reconstruction.  The club has invested in the pond and an ecosystem which seems to be having a positive effect on the health of it.

The Stationary Archery Range

Members can hone their archery skills on both the stationary or Bale Course at there convenience.

The Rock Shelter

was archeologically excavated back in the early 1900’s by Bill Strohmeier and the findings of his work are in the archives of the local Milford Township Historical Society Headquarters.

The Stream

Schmoutz Creek runs through the middle of the club grounds.  When the turnpike project is complete, the club will regain access to the stream through the cul-de-sac being built.  

The Archery Bale Course

This course features the clubs old Mackenzie 3D targets, as well as synthetic straw bales,   which stay out year round for situational shooting.

The Grounds

91 acres of land owned by the members of the club offer Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Birdwatching, etc.